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Speaking Engagements

Founder and Director of CMR, Jerry Harrington regularly speaks to groups on a variety of topics. For more information, click here.

Product Development

CMR partners with Catholic content creators to bring products to market that would advance the mission of the Church: transforming the world with the love of God.

Partner Promotion

CMR provides its content partners with promotional services such as social media management, marketing graphic design, and email newsletter facilitation.


Jerry Harrington

Founder and Director, CMR

Administrative and Design Partner, Soul PLay LLC

After a career of translating the Catholic faith for adolescents (as a high school religion teacher, DRE, and Youth Minister), Jerry traded full time ministry for full time parenting, being the at-home dad to his four kids. But as invitations by former colleagues grew into fairly regular speaking engagements, Jerry decided to start Catholic Media Resources bringing together his two life long loves: the Catholic faith and technology. 

His own interest in developing modern products to help today's ministers led to the development of his own Pop Goes Catholicism and eventually to a partnership with Soul Play LLC, with which Jerry designs, edits, and brings to market the products of Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson.

In 2013, Dr. Nelson-Johnson invited Jerry to join him in developing Soul Play as a business. And so Jerry serves as Administrative and Design Partner of Soul Play, handling business development and client relations.

Jerry holds Masters Degrees from Boston College (Philosophy) and Notre Dame Seminary (Theology).