Instructions and Assistance

If you're not particularly tech savvy but wish to best support Soul Play by purchasing our products here on the website, we provide the following links to step by step instructions to help you in getting your digital purchases where ever you want them to be for best enjoyment of Dr. Nelson-Johnson's work.

And if the assistance you need doesn't appear here, please contact us and we will provide you that help and then link to it here as well.


Text Tutorials

f you prefer to read rather than watch, these tutorials are for you.

Unzipping in Windows

Unzipping on a Mac

Loading a Kindle

Load Music on to Android


Apple Stuff

To get our products onto your Apple devices, you'll need to take the files you purchase from us and move it onto devices through the software called iTune. Below are a series of Apple's own webpages that describe iTunes and its use. (If you find yourself lost and have one available, Apple Stores are an excellent resource to learn how to best use your Apple devices.) I have included a couple of videos in the next section.

What is iTunes?

New in iTunes (with video)


Video Tutorials

Zip File Introduction & Some Mac Basics

This video is a great starting point if you're confused about downloading a 'zip' file (what is it, why do you have to deal with it, how to unzi it, etc.). The iTunes work he does is now outdated as iTunes updates regularly, but the basics remain valid.

Unzip a File In Windows

Load Media onto a Kindle Touch

While you may have a different model Kindle than the one in this video, the principles remain fairly consistent among Kindles; so while things may look slightly different the steps should be pretty much the same.

Load Music onto an Android Smartphone

Add a File to iTunes

Moving Music from iTunes to iPhone/iPod