Pop Goes Catholicism

Pop Goes Catholicism is dedicated to finding connections to Catholic truth within popular media.

The Original Collection

Pop Goes Catholicism is currently available for purchase below in the form of individual Resource Sheets (see below for the example guide). These single sheets are offered for sale in groups: either the complete set of all 84 (broken into two parts) or thematic collections. The following documents provide information on the Original Set Collection:

  • Original PGC Spreadsheet - this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet provides you a comprehensive interactive guide to all 84 Resource Sheets in this year's collection
  • Original PGC Table of Contents - this one page pdf document provides a listing of the 84 Resource Sheets by media title
  • Original PGC Topical Index - this one page pdf document provides a listing of all the faith topics covered in this year's collection of Resource Sheets and the resource numbers that correspond to them
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Media Disclaimer

I provide the following disclaimer about that media:

  • much of what is presented in popular media contradicts Catholic morality or theology
  • this media is being consumed, which is why it’s called popular
  • there are other resources available to critique the many ways in which popular media fail in terms of Catholic morality or theology

Thus, Pop Goes Catholicism, on the other hand, does not engage in the negative critique of popular media but rather searches for the small moments or subtle symbolism that allow for positive connections to be made between media and faith. In other words, I seek out the sneaky ways that God can slip into that most questionable of incarnations: popular media. My hope, in doing so, is to help people recognize the good, however incomplete or fleeting that good, in the media they enjoy in the hope that more engagement with faith will lead to more discrimination between the good and the bad in everything.

Pop Goes Catholicism provides catechetical resources that help you to

  • Recognize Your Faith with Faith Connection Essay
  • Grow Your Faith with Related Scripture Quotes
  • Apply Your Faith with Reflection Questions

Here's a sample resource sheet with descriptive supplements:

 Click  here  to download a copy of this guide sheet.

Click here to download a copy of this guide sheet.

Product Availability and Specifications

This product line is only available as a download product providing you pdf (Portable Document Format) files that come in a "zip" (single archive) file. (For directions on 'unzipping' that archive into the separate pdf files, see our Instructions page.)