Complete Curriculum Product


Based on the interaction between short video presentations and facilitated lesson plans, this curriculum package provides everything needed to introduce students to a positive vision of sexuality that leads naturally to a healthy moral sexual ethic.

The curriculum divides into six facilitated sessions:

Session 1: Mystery

The foundation of the content, Dr. Nelson-Johnson begins with a new way to conceive of Mystery.

Session 2: Hunger for Life

This session presents the idea that sexuality has something to do with energy, passion, connection, creativity, in other words a hunger for life.

Session 3: Adding Power

Here Dr. Nelson-Johnson provides a definition of sexuality and finally get the body involved, if not how you might think!

Session 4: How Far

In this session (more than half way through!) we answer the question "how far should you go?"

Session 5: Oh My God

This session makes explicit the connections between sexuality and God, spirituality, and Jesus.

Session 6: Lord Have Mercy

The curriculum concludes with a reflection on the reality that mistakes are made in sexuality.


You can acquire this product line in two ways:

  1. Physical copies of this curriculum are available for sale, whenever Catholic Media Resources exhibits at a convention and, when appropriate, where author and presenter (and content partner) Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson presents.*
  2. Digital copies are available for purchase from this website. NOTE: as the curriculum is designed to ideally be facilitated with videos embedded in presentation software, you need to choose your format (Apple Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint) when purchasing.

*  We are investigating the possibility of making physical copies available for order from us through this site for delivery by mail but do not offer it at this time. If, however, you would like to make a bulk order, please do contact us as arrangements can always be made.


The download product you will purchase will be downloaded as a 'zip' file, a single file that once "unzipped" provides you several files for use in implementing this curriculum. Those files include:

  • Session Plan in pdf (portable document format)
  • Handouts (if any for that session) in pdf
  • Session Presentation (either Apple Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint depending on your product choice)
  • Session Videos (in generic .mp4 format that can be easily inserted directly into blank slides in the presentation)

Instructions on how to unzip bundles can be found on the Instructions page.


A nationally-acclaimed speaker on adolescent sexuality, Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson (of Soul Play LLC) has designed and conducted programming at hundreds of middle schools and high schools in the Chicago metropolitan area as well as Secondary Schools in Canada that help students to understand the critical distinction between sex and sexuality, including: Francis W. Parker School, New Trier Township High School, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, and the United States Air Force Young Adult Symposium.

Dr. Nelson Johnson has presented at the First Friday Club of Chicago, The Career Transitions Center, Crossroads Center, Mercyhurst College, Carroll College, Loyola University, Call To Action National Conference, Inner City Teaching Corps, and the Illinois Drug Education Alliance’s annual prevention conference. He is recipient the 2008 Bernadine Medal from Amate House, a young adult volunteer and leadership program in Chicago.

If you would like Dr. Nelson-Johnson to visit your organization with this presentation, contact Soul Play.