Speaking Engagements


Prepared Topics


Choose Confirmation: Be A Superhero

This is a Confirmation Retreat, designed to be given to young people (seventh grade through high school) in a span of three to five hours.


Pop Goes Catholicism

This presentation, designed primarily for youth (used at youth rallies, youth groups, and middle/high school catechetical gatherings), offers a new way to think about the relationship between Catholicism and Popular Culture that's far more sophisticated and realistic than 'you should avoid it.'


Disciple-Making: Inspiring Catechesis

This presentation, designed for adults engaging in catechetical ministry, attempts to inspire aspiring catechists to inspire those to whom they will minister.


Proposals Welcome 

If you have need of a Catholic public speaker who makes use of media and technology to create an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking presentation different from the list above, feel free to Contact CMR.


Presenter Information

Jerry Harrington has been engaged in public speaking, retreat leading, and reflection facilitation for many years now. Having extensive career experience as a teacher, Jerry's most comfortable when walking through a crowd and engaging in conversation with a group, least comfortable behind a podium as a talking head. Also, Jerry is a self-proclaimed geek and couch potato, bringing both to his presentations by using technology and media extensively to make theological points accessible through pop culture clips and examples.

For more information on Jerry, visit here.