In addition to the work I do through Catholic Media Resources that apply my skills to talks and products specifically Roman Catholic, I am from time to time hired as a freelance producer to create videos for various clients.

HealthReach Inc. hired me to create this video as part of a grant application to provide a good overview of what the organization does and how it positively impacts the community. 

HealthReach hired me to create this video as a general overview introducing the basics of the organization. It's a nice photo montage that has to be viewed on YouTube since the soundtrack is a commercial song.

This project allowed me to indulge in two of my favorite things: TV motifs and silliness! I was asked to put together a video to introduce the new freshman Transition program for Vernon Hills High School in Vernon Hills, IL. I took the information provided and came up with this. I think it fulfilled the mission of presenting the program in a fun and engaging way.


This video project, created for a school board meeting and Open House, provides an overview of the freshman Transition program through interviews, photos, and examples.